Captivate your potential customers with one of our whiteboard videos, when it comes to getting value for your marketing dollar it is hard to go past video, whiteboard videos in particular.

They are an incredibly affordable way to get your potential customers attention and get them to listen to your message. Whiteboard videos are almost hypnotic; they are very difficult to leave.

Whiteboard Marketing can be used on websites, social media including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and YouTube. You can also email links to current and potential customers. If you want an affordable and effective way to increase business, then whiteboard videos are a great solution.

Have a look at some samples below; we have a selection of male and female voice over artists from a range of countries so your video can be tailored to your audience. Take advantage of our 60-90 second introduction package. For only $695 we will produce a personalized whiteboard video for your business or organization.

Included in our package is:
Script Writing
Backing Music
Professional Voiceover
Video Production